Quick Answer: When does damon come back?

Does Damon and Bonnie return in season 6?

Season 6 opened with Damon and Bonnie trapped within an alternate prison dimension, and it wasn’t until a few episodes in that Damon finally made it back to Mystic Falls. Bonnie, on the other hand, was heavily tortured by new character, Kai, until she finally returned home later in the season.

Does Damon come back in season 6?

Damon Comes Back From The Dead | The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 5.

Is Damon coming back in Season 9?

However, Ian Somerhalder ( Damon ), Nina Dobrev (Elena), and Paul Wesley (Stefan) declined to return as their characters. Without the actors, renewing the show may not be successful. Once the actors are ready to take on their roles again, Vampire Diaries Season 9 will pop up in no time.

Does Damon Salvatore take the cure in season 6?

Damon Salvatore Even when Damon offered to take the Cure during season 6, Elena and Stefan doubted whether Damon would regret the decision. Once Dobrev departed the series, and her character was laid to rest for 60 years (give or take ), it seemed Damon would remain forever and always a vampire.

Who plays Elena Season 8?

Elena Gilbert
Created by L. J. Smith (book series) Julie Plec Kevin Williamson (television series)
Portrayed by Nina Dobrev Kayla Madison (Young Elena)
In-universe information
Species Human (seasons 1–3, 6–8) Doppelgänger (seasons 1–8) Vampire (seasons 4–6)

Do Damon and Elena get back together in Season 7?

After a tumultuous, back and forth relationship, Damon and Elena get back together at the end of the season, and they choose to sacrifice themselves together to save Stefan and Alaric and their other friends on the Other Side.

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Is Damon in love with Bonnie?

Vampire Diaries: Why Damon & Bonnie Never Dated (Unlike In The Books) The epic love triangle between Elena Gilbert, Damon, and Stefan Salvatore remained intact (Elena chose Stefan in the book), but the romantic connection between Bonnie and Damon was severed.

How long are Damon and Bonnie on the other side?

Bonnie and Damon survive the collapse of the Other Side and four months together in the 1994 Prison World which cements their relationship as besties.

Is Elena a vampire in Season 7?

Fast forward six years later, the actress surprised fans when she did not sign on for season 7 and the series lost a longtime and beloved main character. Reflecting on that time today, Dobrev maintains that the exit was her choice. “That was the plan from the get-go,” she told harper by Harper’s BAZAAR.

Is Vampire Diaries coming back 2020?

The show was canceled, as announced by creator Julie Plec as they’ve discussed it and decided to sadly conclude the series. If you do want to watch the ninth season, the Vampire Diaries installment will be released on The CW in March of 2021.

Why was Elena Gilbert not in season 7?

Actress Nina Dobrev was only 20 years old when she signed on to the show as Elena Gilbert but six seasons later, she surprised fans when she opted not to sign on for Season 7. Others assumed it was because the actress wanted more money.

Why did Nina and Ian break up?

The Split. Nina Dobrev has shared that she has a Netflix movie called Love Hard coming out, and while fans love following her acting roles, they definitely want to learn more about her love life. A source shared that the break – up might have been caused by the age difference between the actors.

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Did Damon and Elena have kids?

In both alternate dimensions, Damon and Elena have at least one child and are alive and well – if not well off – living in Mystic Falls.

Does Damon become human again?

The Vampire Diaries ended two years ago, with Damon Salvatore newly human again, living a full life with Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Here’s what Elena said about Damon in the finale: Even after our long and happy life together, Damon is still worried he’ll never see Stefan again, that he’ll never find peace.

Did Damon burn Elena alive?

Damon was horrified at what he had done though and this showed Elena’s coffin burning to ashes, although it was fake. In This Woman’s Work, Tyler reassures Damon that Elena is still alive, slumbering, and safe inside her coffin. This relieves Damon being he only burned an empty coffin several episodes before this one.

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