Readers ask: When does spirit blossom event end?

How long does the spirit bonds event last?

System Requirements. event and was available for play from July 22, 2020 to August 24, 2020. Rewards for playing and completing parts of this game would exclusively appear in League of Legends.

Will the spirit blossom event come back?

Will the Spirit Blossom items ever come back? Possibly, but we have no plan to bring them back any time soon.

How do you get spirit blossom favor?

Play as a champion with their Spirit Blossom skin equipped in Summoner’s Rift or Nexus Blitz. Reward: Three (3) favor with that champion. Play as a champion who has a Spirit Blossom skin in Summoner’s Rift or Nexus Blitz. Reward: One (1) favor with that champion.

How long can you earn spirit blossom tokens?

Embark on new missions, dress for the occasion, and interact with your favored champions like never before. Though the blossoms will fade after the 24th, you ‘ll still be able to use tokens earned during the event until September 8th, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PDT).

Can you do spirit blossom missions in bot games?

Is it possible to complete the spirit blossom pass missions by playing bot games? Yes, all matchmade games will give points, bots included.

How many spirit blossom tokens can you get?

The Spirit Blossom event was very generous with tokens, due to the Spirit Bonds system. If you buy the pass, you will receive 200 tokens and 4 Spirit Blossom orbs right away.

How much will the spirit blossom pass cost?

Spirit Blossom, like any proper holiday, will have multiple ways to make the most of the event. First, there’s the Spirit Blossom Pass for 1650 RP. It comes with 200 Spirit Blossom Tokens and 4 Spirit Blossom Kanmei Orbs.

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Is spirit blossom ahri legendary?

New Spirit Blossom Skins Legendary Ahri, Kindred, Riven, Cassiopeia (League of Legends)

How much does spirit blossom Yasuo cost?

Spirit Blossom Vayne, Spirit Blossom Lillia, Spirit Blossom Yasuo, and Blossom Teemo will cost around 1,350 RP, which is around $10 when converted. Spirit Blossom Thresh will cost around 1,820 RP, which costs around $15 when converted.

How can I increase my spirit Bond?

Completing missions helps level up relationships and bonds created with the spirits. Additionally, players can unlock bonus missions to receive the champion’s exclusive emote. To receive more tokens from story missions, players are suggested to use the Spirit Blossom Event Pass.

What does giving a spirit petal do?

Once at that rank, they can progress to special missions tied to the Spirit Tree. Completing these missions grants players with spirit petals, which can go towards their S-Rank champion. After earning spirit petals, players receive a unique emote and an unbreakable bond with their champion.

What time does spirit blossom start?

Born from the mystic power and history of Ionia, the Spirit Blossom Festival will honor those who have passed and the event will enchant the Rift from July 22nd, 2020 at 1:00 PM (PDT) until August 24th, 2020 at 12:59 PM (PDT).

Can you get spirit blossom skins with tokens?

As with past events, the fanciest skins will cost about 2000 points. You will however be able to get a Spirit Blossom Orb, which could contain a random Spirit Blossom skin, for 200 tokens. Or you can progress through all the other awards, by buying one of two Spirit Blossom event passes.

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How do you get tokens in World 2020?

Players that purchase the Worlds 2020 pass can also get a massive amount of Worlds tokens just by simply playing the game. Whether you’re completing games in Pick Urf, ARAM, Summoner’s Rift, or TFT, you’ll be accumulating points towards the Weekly missions regardless of wins or losses.

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