How much alfalfa cubes to feed a horse

How do you feed a horse alfalfa cubes?

Soaked alfalfa cubes are easier to eat, and they contain more nutrients than grass hay. Before feeding an older horse, soak the cubes for 10 to 30 minutes, or until they’re soft and soupy. If necessary, experiment with soaking methods and keep an eye on your horse’s feeding habits to find its preferred consistency.

How much alfalfa does a horse need per day?

Horses can normally eat 1.5-2% of their body weight in hay, which equates to 18-24 lbs. of hay per day. The quality of the hay will determine how much is needed and if supplemental grain should be added. Good alfalfa can be 18-20% protein and 55% TDN or energy.

Can you feed a horse too much alfalfa?

It can be detrimental, however, to horses with impaired kidneys or liver. These individuals have problems processing and excreting protein and should be kept on a very low-protein diet. Duren also doesn’t recommend feeding straight alfalfa to endurance horses due to its protein and calcium content.

What cutting of alfalfa is best for horses?

Mid- to late-maturity hays are best for horses with low nutrient requirements, because the horses can eat more to satisfy their appetites without overeating and becoming fat. Horse owners also ask whether first or second-cut hay is better. There is more variation within a cutting than between cuttings.

Can alfalfa cubes replace hay?

However, when mold-free hay is not available, horse owners can consider the use of alfalfa cubes as a viable forage alternative. … Therefore, when horse owners use alfalfa cubes in a diet for horses, the cubes replace hay of a similar quality on an equal basis.

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Can alfalfa cubes cause colic?

the cubes than for long-stem alfalfa hay. … Therefore, horse owners should provide alfalfa cubes in a controlled manner to prevent overconsumption of the feed, which can lead to serious digestive problems such as colic or problems associated with overweight horses.

Why is alfalfa bad for horses?

Excess protein, like excess energy has been implicated as a cause of developmental orthopedic disease in growing horses. 3. Alfalfa hay contains too much calcium and/or magnesium a. The high calcium level causes a high calcium:phosphorus ratio which may contribute to developmental orthopedic disease b.

Can you feed a horse straight alfalfa?

While feeding extra protein is wasteful, a high-protein diet in itself does not hurt a healthy horse. It can be detrimental, however, to horses with impaired kidneys or liver. … Duren also doesn’t recommend feeding straight alfalfa to endurance horses due to its protein and calcium content.

Is Stemmy alfalfa bad for horses?

However the nutritional value of coarse or stemmy hay may be low, leading to weight loss or nutritional deficiencies. Very coarse hays and straws can increase the risk of abdominal pain (colic) and intestinal impaction. For this reason, coarse hays should not be fed to older horses or horses with dental problems.

When should I cut my horse’s alfalfa?

The optimal compromise for higher forage quality and dry matter yield of alfalfa is to harvest the first cutting at the late-bud to first-flower stage and to make subsequent cuttings at 32-to-35 day intervals until late August or early-September, often referred to as a “4 summer-cut system.”13 мая 2010 г.

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Can horses founder on alfalfa?

Some people, though, just don’t want to feed alfalfa — they believe it causes laminitis. After years of working with horses, it appears that it may, in fact, lead to laminitis in some horses. I found this to be very puzzling since alfalfa is low in sugar and starch, even lower than most grass hays.

Will alfalfa make my horse hot?

Alfalfa hay will make a horse hot, or crazy.

Alfalfa provides a significant amount of calories; however, an excess of calories in any form, whether from alfalfa, grain or oil, without the exercise to burn them, can result in an excessively energetic horse.

How many years does alfalfa last?

Alfalfa is a perennial forage legume which normally lives four to eight years, but can live more than 20 years, depending on variety and climate.

Does alfalfa make you gain weight?

The diuretic and laxative effects may be useful in a weight loss plan, but they are generally used to help to increase weight. Alfalfa seeds and sprouts, however, contain the non essential amino acid canavanine, which does interfere with the metabolism.

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