How to collect your horse

What does it mean to collect your horse?

It means rebalancing your horse by shifting his weight toward his haunches, bringing his hind legs under him, and raising his back. Start by riding your horse forward, allowing your pelvis and legs to gently flex and follow your horse’s movement.

How do you tell if a horse is collected?

The most readily apparent form of collection can be observed when comparing different degrees of collection within a single gait. A more collected gait will have two main symptoms: the horse will lower his hindquarters and raise his forehand, and the horse will have more bend in the joints of his legs.

How do I extend my trot?

Wait until your horse is using his hind end and reaching underneath himself with his hind legs. Apply pressure with both calves at the girth while softening the reins to send him forward. Maintain contact with his mouth so he sustains impulsion in the extended trot, but allow him to lengthen his frame.

How do you ride a trot western?

In order to “sit the trot,” it is important to both relax and sit deeply in the saddle, rotating the hips forward so as to sit on the inside of the thighs. Keep your heels and legs down so you make close contact from the crotch to the horse. The shoulders should remain over your hips and not leaning forward.

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