How to cut rubber horse stall mats

What is the best tool to cut rubber?

If similar to a welcome mat or rubber car mat, then a utility knife and a metal straight edge. If in the 1/2″ th hard mat and above category, you get into band saw, jig saw, dual blade saw or mini circular saw territory for me.

How do you put a rubber mat on a horse stall?


  1. Measure the stall. …
  2. Clean the stall thoroughly. …
  3. Dig the stall floor down at least three inches from where you want the surface top to be.
  4. Prepare the surface*. …
  5. Spread the gravel. …
  6. Tamp the gravel. …
  7. Wet down the gravel, then apply a light dusting of cement, allow this to dry before proceeding.

How do you cut polyurethane rubber?

Sawing – Although urethane can be cut with many different saws, a bandsaw is best as longer blades run cooler and avoid melting. A blade with 4 to 10 teeth per inch and a speed around 200 feet/minute should give you a good cut.

How thick should horse stall mats be?

Horse stall mats for gym use are typically 4′ x 6′ mats of either ½” or ¾” thickness. They’re a popular pick for home gym mats because they’re inexpensive and readily available.

Are horse stall mats toxic?

Horse stall mats are the lowest quality TDR you can buy.

They are vulcanized and bound with sulfur laden agents. They therefore have the highest potential for health problems of any flooring choice.

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