How to draw a horse cartoon

How do you draw a cartoon horse step by step?

Step by Step Horse Drawing Tutorial

  1. Start by drawing the head. …
  2. Draw the ears.
  3. Draw the neck.
  4. Lets draw the facial features – the eyes, nostril and mouth.
  5. Draw the legs. …
  6. Draw the back. …
  7. In the similar manner as you did the first pair of legs, also draw the legs in the background.
  8. Almost there!

How do you draw Emma Hunsinger’s horse?

Emma Hunsinger, The Center for Cartoon Studies class of ′20, recently had her comic “How to Draw a Horse” published with The New Yorker. The cartoon was written as a non-fiction class assignment, focuses on a young girls fascination of drawing horses in attempts to be noticed by a classmate.

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