How to get a horse to canter

Which leg do you use to ask for canter?

To ask for a canter depart, the rider sits a little heavier on the inside seat bone, positions the inside leg at the girth and the outside leg just behind the girth. The horse should be on the outside rein with his head positioned slightly to the inside and bent around the rider’s inside leg.

Which leg do you use to turn a horse?

left leg

What does it mean for a horse to be collected?

It means rebalancing your horse by shifting his weight toward his haunches, bringing his hind legs under him, and raising his back.

How do you ask for canter transition?

From the sitting trot, ask the horse to canter with your inside leg forward at the girth and the outside leg back. If you remain stable in your position, the transition should be smooth and balanced. To use your position in the downward transition, you will find that you don’t need to pull back.

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