How to judge a horse

How do you judge a horse in FFA?


  1. Overall evaluation: Each horse should be individually examined for conformation defects, soundness, and way of travel at the walk and jog/trot as it is led directly to and away from the judge and at the jog from a direct side angle. …
  2. Gaits: …
  3. Obvious lameness is cause for disqualification.

What horse show judges look for?

Your horse should be well groomed, in good weight, healthy coat, trimmed whiskers, mane appropriate length for discipline, etc. I try hard to ignore this, but I can’t help but wonder why the horse had to be ridden to that point right before class. It’s not something an you want a judge to have to think about.

How do I identify my horse?

Many methods of identifying horses exist, including lip tattooing, microchipping, hot iron branding, and freeze branding. In many cases, selection of the most appropriate identification technique is based on the owner’s preference. Alternatively, the identification technique is mandated in some breeds/disciplines.

How do you know if horse conformation is good?

The neck should tie into the horse’s body fairly high to provide good chest space. The shoulder and pastern angles should be between 40 and 55 degrees. A horse can move best with a short back and long neck. Correct legs structure can improve desired performance and reduce lameness.

What is ranch horse conformation?

The horse’s form, meaning its’ structural correctness and balance, combined with function, meaning its’ performance in the cutting, riding, working cow and trail classes, establishes the Ranch Conformation score. … Bear in mind that setting up and presenting your horse properly can add a great deal of appeal.

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How do you get into HOYS?

You can do this by visiting By logging onto your Grandstand Entries account you will be able to see your User ID and that of anyone listed under My Riders, My Owners or My Horses. The HOYS qualifier entry form can be downloaded from the Competitor Zone at

How do you get a working hunter class?

A true working hunter type must display good manners at all times and is required to demonstrate good, bold jumping ability, while jumping smoothly and quietly. He should, appear to be a comfortable ride over long distances and, in addition, be a good looking, handsome horse.

What is the most aggressive horse breed?

Velka Pardubicka

What Colour are horses?

The two basic hair colors of horses are red (a reddish brown color) and black. These two hair colors give three basic coat colors: bay, which has both red and black hairs, chestnut, which is fully red, and black, which is fully black.

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