How to load a horse

Which side do you load a horse?

When you are going in a straight load, the single horse should be on the left, the driver’s side. If you have two horses in a straight load trailer, put the heavier horse on the left. This is best for two reasons: Roads are generally crowned.

Should I tie my horse while trailering?

If you tie a horse too low, it may be able to get a leg over the rope and become seriously injured, especially in a confined space like a trailer. For safety, always tie a horse at wither-height or higher. Horses should be tied with enough length to hold their heads naturally, but not move around too much.

Do horses travel better backwards?

A study examining the response to travelling forwards or backwards during a one hour journey showed a significant decrease in heart rate in the horses travelling backwards. These horses also tended to rest more often on their rumps in maintaining their balance.

How do you travel with a horse in a trailer?

Keep walking the horse backwards out of the horse trailer, keeping the lead rope tight enough to keep control but loose enough to allow the horse some movement. Some horse trailers can house two or more horses so make sure that you close everything up again so it doesn’t move around and startle any remaining horses.

How do you transport a horse in a trailer?

Load in an area with plenty of space, good lighting and away from crowds. If you are travelling with one horse in a two-stall trailer always load the horse on the driver side. If you are loading two horses, load the heaviest horse on the driver’s side.

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How do you load a difficult horse in a horse box?

It’s vital to move his feet in the direction you want him to go, so back your horse up or move him sideways. Practise, praise and call it a day – Once your horse has loaded, praise him. Spend a couple of minutes gently rubbing between his eyes and let him relax. Then, when you feel ready, try again.

How long can you leave a horse in a trailer?

9 hours

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