How to lope a horse

What is loping on a horse?

verb (used without object), loped, lop·ing.

to move or run with bounding steps, as a quadruped, or with a long, easy stride, as a person. to canter leisurely with a rather long, easy stride, as a horse.

How do you sit a lope?

When you do sit, remember to sit all the way down, with your spine vertical and your shoulders back. Riders too often pump their upper bodies to keep their horses moving forward in the lope. Instead, says Jessica Jahiel, “Keep your upper body quiet and use your legs to keep your horse moving.

How long can a horse lope?

No self-respecting cowboy would sit a horse that insisted on cantering. At a lope, horses can cover about ten to fifteen miles in an hour; some can reach speeds of up to twenty-seven miles per hour.

Is trotting bad for a horse?

Prolonged trotting contributes to joint and cartilage deterioration. Barefoot horses are at similar risk from roadwork as horses who are shod. Working on very soft or uneven surfaces increases the risk of injury.

Do you post when riding western?

Posting is when you move your body up and down in time with the horse’s gait, and it is more common in English riding. However, there is a special posting trot in Western riding as well. Most of the time Western riders jog in the sitting position, however.

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