How to read horse race results

What do the numbers mean on horse racing?

Form runs from left to right, with the oldest races on the left and the most recent on the right. The numbers 1-9 indicate the position the horse finished in the race. The number 0 indicates that the horse finished outside the first 9. The symbol – separates racing seasons. Numbers before the – are for last season.

How do you read a horse racing card?

How to read the racecard

  1. Saddle Cloth Number – The horse’s individual race number. …
  2. Name – The name of the horse. …
  3. Age – The age of the horse isn’t always a way of finding a winner, but some punters look closely at the age of former winners to try to predict a trend.

What does na mean in horse racing results?

Novice. In jumps racing a novice is a horse that at the start of the season had not won a race in it’s particular code of race (hurdles or chases).

What does S mean in horse racing?


What does C mean in horse racing?

they have won

How do I learn horse racing form?

How to study the form: our 3-step guide

  1. Establish the race distance, race conditions and track conditions. …
  2. Look at a horse’s recent form and try and place where the horse is at in its preparation relative to the race conditions. …
  3. Find something that recommends a horse to you.

What is the average weight of a jockey?

118 lb

What is top weight in horse racing?

The “best” horse in the race is given the top weight (about 11st 10lb). The weights allotted to the other horses are set in relation to this. This means if the top-weighted horse drops out, the weights for others may alter but will not change in relation to each other.

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What does RR mean in horse racing?

If a horse is shown in results as “RR” , or sometimes “LFT”, this means that the horse refused to race when the race started. As the horse would have come under starters orders any bets on the horse will be losing bets.

What does LR mean in horse racing?

Local Rule of Racing

What does NAP stand for in horse racing?

Rather than pick a tip for each race that occurs on a given day the normal protocol is to provide a Nap and nb selection. Nap (derived from the card game Napoleon) indicates this is the tipster’s most confident selection of the day. nb = “Next best” and indicates another selection that the tipster rates highly.

What does TTF mean in horse racing?

to score as many points as you can

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