How to replace wood floor in horse trailer

What kind of wood is used for horse trailer floors?

southern pine wood planks

What is WERM flooring in horse trailers?

The WERM flooring system completely seals your trailer floor and provides a padded, slip resistant surface that is impervious to liquids and eliminates the need for rubber mats. … WERM can be installed on concrete, wood, aluminum, steel, or pretty much any other permanent surface.

What do you use for floating floor for horses?

The floor itself will be either thick plywood – probably 30mm thick marine-grade, or 50mm thick treated pinus radiata, white pine (douglas fir), macrocarpa, or similar. The marine-grade ply is superb and found on many modern floats. It’s light, very strong, and resistant to rot. Kiwis use a lot of treated pinus.

How do you measure a horse trailer floor?

15 Minutes – Flooring

Use a screwdriver or a dull knife to check the integrity of the trailer floor: If the tip of the tool sinks into any of the floor’s wooden boards, they need to be replaced. Be especially thorough around the edge of the floor, where rot is most likely to begin.

What is the best wood to use on a trailer?

In the open-top and livestock trailer industries, the most common decking options are southern yellow pine (treated and untreated), rough oak and Douglas fir. Each option comes with its pros and cons and knowing the differences is vital for choosing the best product for your trailer.

What are trailer floors made of?

Travel trailers and RVs are typically manufactured with flooring made of particle board. This material is made from wood chips and a water-based glue. The two components are pressed together, then quickly dried so the resulting board retains its shape.

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What is Polylast flooring?

Polylast rubber flooring and surfacing provides comfort, safety and performance. Over the years, millions of square feet of Polylast process patented surfaces have been installed in horse and livestock trailers, barns, veterinary clinics, gyms, boat decks, universities and golf courses.

What is Rumber flooring?

Rumber floorboards first appeared in horse trailers in 1992. Made with 100% recycled tires, they were designed as a replacement for cumbersome aluminum and wood floors covered with rubber matting. The 1 ½” x 7” tongue-and-groove boards are installed running front-to-back in a trailer.

What causes rotten floor joists?

Your wood rot is caused by a type of fungal growth which eats away at your floor joists’ strength and load-bearing capabilities. The fungal growth that causes dry rot begins as a spore before it starts growing in high-humidity environments, such as the crawl space of your home.

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