How to teach your horse tricks

How do I teach my horse to kiss me?

Teaching How to Kiss

Hold a treat in your hand and put that hand close to your cheek, tapping it and say ‘kiss’ (or whatever cue words you’d like to use). The horse will snuffle your hand for the treat, and in doing so touch your cheek.

How do you punish a horse?

Pulling Down on the Nose or Poll

And it is another way to make your horse head shy. This includes flicking a whip, lead rope, or waving the lead rope in a way that makes the horse throw its head back and perhaps even steps back.31 мая 2019 г.

How do you gain a horse’s trust?


  1. Go on walks with your horse. …
  2. Always make sure your horse has enough food and water. …
  3. Grooming your horse and giving him occasional treats can help build trust and comfort between you and your horse. …
  4. Don’t let your horse take advantage of you.

What should I do with my horse?

31 Things To Do With Your Horse (other than riding)

  1. Take your horse for a walk and explore the neighborhood. …
  2. Hang out with your horse. …
  3. Find a treat your horse really likes. …
  4. Find your horses ‘Favorite Scratching Spot’. …
  5. Have a picnic with your horse. …
  6. Lead your horse to water and let them play. …
  7. Try training your horse without any restraints, at liberty.

What colors do horses not like?

When horses encountered yellow, white, black, and blue for the first time on the ground, they exhibited more adverse reactions than when they saw green, red, brown, or gray, and it took them longer to walk through the alleyway.

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What does it mean when a horse nudges you with his nose?

The gentle, yet determined nudge, or shove, of a horse’s nose can mean a greeting, denote a desire, or convey an intent. We can attribute human phrases like “Hey, who are you”, “Do you have something for me”, “What’s this?” or even the more cheeky “Move along” to the nudging of a horse’s nose.

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