Quick Answer: How often can i take benzonatate?

How many hours apart should I take Benzonatate?

Anecdotal reports suggest a dosage of 100 mg PO as a single dose. May repeat in 4 hours if needed. Dose of 100 mg PO may be given up to every 4 hours; do not exceed 600 mg/day PO. For topical anesthesia† of the oropharyngeal region prior to awake endotracheal intubation† or prior to endoscopy†.

How long does it take for Benzonatate to get rid of cough?

Benzonatate is used to relieve coughing. It starts working about 15–20 minutes after you swallow it. Its effects last for 3– 8 hours. Benzonatate may be used as part of a combination therapy.

Can you overdose on Benzonatate?

Individuals who experience overdose of benzonatate may exhibit restlessness, tremors, convulsions, coma, and cardiac arrest. Signs and symptoms of overdose can occur rapidly after ingestion (within 15-20 minutes). Deaths in children have been reported within hours of the accidental ingestion.

Will Benzonatate cure my cough?

Benzonatate is used to relieve coughs due to colds or influenza (flu). It is not to be used for chronic cough that occurs with smoking, asthma, or emphysema or when there is an unusually large amount of mucus or phlegm with the cough.

Is Benzonatate better than cough syrup?

Tessalon Perles ( benzonatate ) can help relieve a dry cough, but it is not the best treatment if you’re coughing up mucus. Breaks up mucus and relieves cough. Mucinex Dm (Dextromethorphan / Guaifenesin) is okay for loosening congestion in your chest and throat, but it could prevent you from coughing the mucus up.

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What drugs should not be taken with Benzonatate?

Benzonatate may interact with other medications that cause drowsiness including, cough and cold medications, antihistamines, anti- seizure drugs, medicine for sleep or anxiety, muscle relaxants, narcotics, or psychiatric medicines.

Who should not take Benzonatate?

You should not use this medicine if you are allergic to benzonatate or topical numbing medicines such as tetracaine or procaine (found in some insect bite and sunburn creams). Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Benzonatate is not approved for use by anyone younger than 10 years old.

What is Benzonatate 100mg used for?

Benzonatate is used to relieve cough. Benzonatate is in a class of medications called antitussives (cough suppressants). It works by reducing the cough reflex in the lungs and air passages.

Is Benzonatate an expectorant or suppressant?

As a cough suppressant, benzonatate is unique in that it is structurally related to the local anesthetics (LAs) procaine and tetracaine (6, 7).

How much Benzonatate is lethal?

Overdosage resulting in death may occur in adults. Do not exceed a single dose of 200 mg and a total daily dose of 600 mg. If you miss a dose of benzonatate, skip that dose and take the next dose at the next scheduled time.

How often can you take 100 mg Benzonatate?

Adults and children 10 years of age and older— 100 milligrams ( mg ) three times a day. Do not take more than 200 mg at one time or more than 600 mg per day. Children younger than 10 years of age—Use is not recommended.

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Is Benzonatate safe?

The FDA recently warned that accidental ingestion of the antitussive benzonatate (Tessalon Perles, and others) by children less than 10 years old can be The FDA recently warned that accidental ingestion of the antitussive benzonatate (Tessalon Perles, and others) by children less than 10 years old can be fatal.

Is Benzonatate good for bronchitis?

This medication is used to treat coughs caused by the common cold and other breathing problems (e.g., pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma). It works by reducing the reflex in the lungs that causes the urge to cough. Use of this medication is not recommended in children younger than 10 years.

Can you take mucinex and Benzonatate together?

Yes. Doctors may combine Mucinex and benzonatate because they treat coughs in different ways. Mucinex is a brand name for guaifenesin, which is an expectorant.

Is there an over the counter Benzonatate?

Benzonatate – Capsules Cost Benzonatate coupons may also be available online or through the manufacturer. At this time, benzonatate requires a prescription from a medical provider and is not available over-the-counter ( OTC ).

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