How to get a horse in lotro

How do you get a horse in lotro f2p?

As F2P you can absolutely get a mount. You first need to buy the Riding skill from the Store, which costs 95 TPs (unless it’s on sale). Then you need to travel to Hengstacer Farm (north of Bree) and buy a horse for 500 silver. DO NOT buy the 200 silver horse.

How do you get your first mount in lotro?

You are likely to get your first mount skill in one of two ways: Buy one from Hengstacer Farm in Bree-land with in-game coin (500 silver). Buy one from the LOTRO Store. Some special mounts will only be offered in the store.

How do you get riding in lotro?

VIP players can acquire the riding skill at level 20 without expending any LOTRO Points by completing the quest, Proving Your Quality, from Éogar, son of Hadorgar, Horse-master, at the Hengstacer Farm in northern Bree-fields [22.3S, 52.3W] (the small black horse near the top of the large Map of Bree-Land); or from the …

How do you get goat in lotro?

You can get the Tame Redhorn Goat in one of two ways:

  1. Complete the To the Dolven-view quest chain and get one for free.
  2. Buy one from the Iron Garrison Miners for 5 gold 20 silver.
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