How to measure cinch size for a horse

How do you know what size saddle your horse needs?

Attach the saddle to your horse and sit down in the saddle. While riding, you should be able to fit 3 to 4 fingers in between the swell and your thigh. If you can fit more than 4 fingers, your saddle is too big. If you can’t fit 3 fingers, then your saddle is too small.

What size girth does my horse need?

Girth Sizing ChartHorse HeightLong GirthShort Girth14H to 15H42 – 4422 – 2415H to 16H46 – 482616H to 17H50 – 522817H and over54 – 5630 – 32

Is an 18 inch saddle too big?

English Saddles

As a general rule of thumb, a small adult will ride in a 16 to 16.5 inch saddle. A medium adult will normally need a 16.5 to 17.5 inch saddle and a large adult will need an 18 inch saddle or larger.

How do you tell if your saddle doesn’t fit your horse?

Here are six signs to watch for which could indicate that your saddle doesn’t fit your horse.

  1. Pressure On Your Horse’s Withers. …
  2. Sore Back. …
  3. Unevenness From Front to Back. …
  4. Extra Movement. …
  5. Uneven Sweat Marks. …
  6. Poor Horse Behavior.

How tight should cinch be?

Cinch Checkpoints

You should be able to put one index finger under the cinch to your finger’s first joint. If you can reach in at the back of the cinch more than that, it’s probably too loose. If you can’t fit a finger in at all, it may be too tight.

Why do Western saddles have two girths?

You often see a western saddle with both a primary cinch and a rear or back cinch. … To keep the rear cinch from slipping back, a “cinch hobble” is used to secure the rear cinch to the main cinch. So, that’s what the second girth is for.

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What is the difference between a cinch and a girth?

A girth, sometimes called a cinch (Western riding), is a piece of equipment used to keep the saddle in place on a horse or other animal. It passes under the barrel of the equine, usually attached to the saddle on both sides by two or three leather straps called billets.

What is the most comfortable girth for a horse?

Best All-Around Girth

The Professionals Choice SMX Girth is a great option for an all-around girth. The waffle-patterned neoprene offers four-way stretch that provides comfort and support for your horse. This girth features elastic on each side and roller side buckles, for easy tightening.

How do I know my dressage girth size?

Converting Between Long and Dressage Girth Lengths

If you know your horse’s girth size and you need to switch between a long and a short girth, add or subtract 20 inches. For example, if you use a 48-inch girth with your jumping saddle, you should try a 28-inch girth with your dressage saddle.

How do you attach Latigo?

Here’s the Quick and Simple Way to Attach Your Latigo or Rear…

  1. If you have saddle soap and an awl handy, these will make your knot a lot easier to tie. …
  2. Fold your latigo or billet over the appropriate Dee ring on your saddle. …
  3. Again from front to back, put the tie string ends through the bottom 2 holes in the latigo or billet that now lies closest to your horse.

How do you comfort a horse?

Consider using these seven techniques to help calm down a nervous horse.

  1. Talk to the Horse. …
  2. Move Slowly. …
  3. Ask the Horse to Lower Its Head. …
  4. Let the Horse Inspect the Frightening Issue. …
  5. Breathe. …
  6. Don’t Make It Into a Big Deal.
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