What does full quarter horse bars mean

What’s the difference between full quarter horse bars and semi?

Semi-Quarter horse bars usually have a 6 1/4″ gullet, and Quarter Horse Bars usually have a 6 1/2″ to 6 3/4″ gullet. … Full-Quarter horse bars usually have a 7″ gullet. They are designed for mutton-withered horses with broader backs. Arab saddles, usually with 6 1/2″ to 6 3/4″ gullets, are for Arabians.

What size is a 7 inch gullet?

Gullet Size

A standard gullet measures 7 inches and is the most common measurement found in saddles described as having “full quarter horse bars”. Any gullet that measures larger than 7 inches is considered to be wide.

What does SQHB mean?

Semi Quarter Horse Bars

How do I measure my horse for a saddle?


The western saddle seat size is measured (see FIGURE 3) from the back of the swell (point X) the top of the gullet back to the stitching on the cantle binder (point Y). This measurement will be approximately the size of the tree seat size. The finished seat size will be less than the tree size.

What is a gullet on a horse saddle?

Unfortunately, no standards for gullet measurements exist within the saddle industry. … The gullet is the tunnel underneath the fork and rides over the horse’s withers. The design of the fork and the angle of the bars of the saddle tree determine the width and height of the gullet.

How do I know if my saddle has full quarter horse bars?

Gullet Measurement

The pommel is the front of the saddle and has the horn sitting on top of it. A saddle with full quarter horse bars will typically measure 7 inches across the gullet. A saddle with semi-quarter horse bars normally has a gullet measurement of 6 3/4 inches.

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What size is a 5 inch gullet?

Body Structure:Gullet SizeBody Type5” – 5.5”Pony6″Narrow Build6.5″Average Build7″Wide Build

How do you measure a gullet on a stock saddle?

Gullet Measurement Basics

  1. Set the saddle on a saddle stand with the front facing you.
  2. Visually locate the narrowest part of the gullet. Use your ruler to locate the point of the saddle that is 2 inches below the narrowest section.
  3. Use your ruler to measure from left to right across this section of the saddle.

What is a treeless saddle?

In a treeless saddle – as well as a saddle with a tree – made for a man, a woman does not have the necessary support behind her pelvic area to sit correctly in balance and in position. This female pelvis on the horse’s back is shown in the approximate position it would be in a treeless saddle.

How do you read a Circle Y serial number?

Format: There should be two lines of numbers on your serial plate. The top line is the Model Number. The bottom line is the Serial Number and will begin with the year of production.

What does flex tree saddle mean?

A flex tree saddle has bars that are flexible, allowing the saddle to flex with the horse. The flexibility ‘enhances’ an already proper fit, it doesn’t attempt to create it.

How do you tell if your saddle doesn’t fit your horse?

Here are six signs to watch for which could indicate that your saddle doesn’t fit your horse.

  1. Pressure On Your Horse’s Withers. …
  2. Sore Back. …
  3. Unevenness From Front to Back. …
  4. Extra Movement. …
  5. Uneven Sweat Marks. …
  6. Poor Horse Behavior.
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Where should a saddle sit on a horse?

Place the saddle on the horse’s bare back (no pad). There should be two to three fingers space between the top of the wither and the gullet of the saddle. If you can fit your whole hand (vertically) between the bottom of the gullet and the wither, the tree is probably too narrow.

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