What is a clothes horse

What does the expression clothes horse mean?

An actual clotheshorse is a rack that holds a lot of clothes usally for drying thus metaphorically, someone who wears a lot of clothes, owns a lot of clothes, etc. …

What is a fashion horse?

English Language Learners Definition of clotheshorse

informal + sometimes disapproving : a person who likes to wear stylish clothing.

Who invented the clothes horse?

Aaron Dunkerton’s

Why is it called clothes maiden?

Clotheshorse (often written as two words, ie clothes horse) also known as a winterdyke or a clothes maiden, refers to a frame (usually wooden, metal or plastic) upon which clothes are hung after washing to enable them to dry. Compare with washing line.

What does hound mean in slang?

To hound someone is to relentlessly pursue or pester them. When Elvis sings, “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog,” he’s referring to both. … If people hound, they hunt, too, but just in an annoying way. A man can hound a woman by asking for a date 10 times. A hounding person is persistent and probably annoying.

What is a maiden?

a girl or young unmarried woman; maid. … a female virgin. a horse that has never won a race. a race open only to maiden horses. an instrument resembling the guillotine, formerly used in Scotland for beheading criminals.

What do Americans call a clothes horse?

So far as I am aware, the American term is the same, perhaps spelt without a space. Certainly searching for the word through onlelook.com shows it as such in American dictionaries. Other terms are clothes airer or clothes dryer. This is the definition from an 1848 American dictionary: CLOTHES-HORSE.

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