What to wear to a horse show

What should I wear to my first horse show?

What should your child wear to a horse show?

  • Boots. Depending on your child’s age, they will need either ankle-length paddock boots (usually black or brown and most appropriate when riding a pony) or knee-length tall boots (usually black) when they move up to a horse. …
  • Pants. …
  • Belt. …
  • Shirt. …
  • Jacket. …
  • Helmet. …
  • Accessories:

How should I dress for an equestrian event?

“It’s basically jeans, t-shirt and some sensible shoes. If you are invited into a sponsor’s marquee or a smarter members’ enclosure, then you might want to wear a blazer and just occasionally men might wear a jacket and tie. “Horse trials are not ‘see and be seen’ events.

What do you wear to a jumper show?

Jumper show attire encompasses the most variety of acceptable colors in coats, shirts and breeches. Your goal should be a neat, tidy and pleasing appearance in front of the judge, no matter in what class you are participating.

Do you have to wear half chaps with paddock boots?

Leather half chaps are made to be worn with matching paddock boots to give the appearance of tall boots without quite the price. They are also a bit easier to fit for riders who have trouble fitting into a standard sized Tall Boot.

What you need for a horse show?

It’s Show Time

  1. TRAVEL ITEMS. ☐ Shipping boots or leg wraps. …
  2. PAPERWORK. ☐ Original or copy of registration papers. …
  3. STALL/TACK ROOM SET UP. ☐ Shavings. …
  4. TACK. ☐ Bridles (schooling and show) …
  5. TACK CARE. ☐ Saddle soap/leather cleaner. …
  6. FOR YOUR HORSE. ☐ Hay. …
  7. GROOMING SUPPLIES. ☐ Curry comb. …
  8. FOR YOU.
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What are English riding pants called?


What do you wear to English riding lessons?

If you’re not going to be showing, paddock boots and half chaps will be more comfortable. Work boots or hiking boots are not recommended, and definitely don’t wear sneakers. Depending on the weather, wear socks that will provide ventilation or heat; specially made boot socks often a rider’s first choice.

Can you wear white jodhpurs for showing?

A hacking jacket, jodhpurs or trousers, shirt and tie, hat and smart footwear you can run in are always acceptable. You should also wear gloves and carry a showing cane. Arab handlers are traditionally dressed mainly in white.

Can you show in half chaps?

While you might have to own a pair of tall boots for showing, as half chaps aren’t legal at most recognized shows and events, you can prolong your pricey boots’ life without sacrificing your feel by doing your everyday riding in half chaps.

How are hunters judged?

History of Hunter Divisions

Horses are judged on several points, including: hunting pace, movement, style of jumping, and manners. Riders are judged on their position (equitation), ability to communicate and control their mount with invisible aids, and ability to execute the questions posed on course.

Why do English riders wear half chaps?

Half chaps are worn on a rider’s lower leg to provide a level of support and protection. They help to prevent rubbing and chafing caused by stirrup leathers and riding pant legs that could otherwise twist, wrinkle, rub or rise up. When paired with paddock boots, half chaps offer the functionality of tall boots.

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What boots do you wear with half chaps?

When topped by suede or leather half chaps, paddock boots offer the functionality of tall boots. Half chaps provide a level of support to the rider’s lower legs and help prevent breech pant legs from twisting, wrinkling, rubbing or rising up, all of which can cause chafing.

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